Definitions for "fairy tale"
Keywords:  goblin, tale, told, elves, troll
a story about magical or mythological creatures, such as fairies, elves, goblins, trolls, orcs, unicorns, wizards, dragons, etc., usually composed for the amusement of children; called also a fairy story.
a false story intended to deceive or mislead, especially one involving unlikely events or situations; called also a fairy story.
n.: A horror story to prepare children for the newspapers.
a fantasy novel written in the verbose and lyrical style associated with Lord Dunsany
a touching, openly sentimental portrait of his wife and Elisabeth
a psychological excursion, please explain this statement
a culturally universal way of exploring that part of human existence that transcends the literal and everyday
a fictionalized account of a long-term lesbian relationship, which uses the metaphor of building a house for the development of the relationship
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