Definitions for "Facial Nerve"
Keywords:  cranial, seventh, vii, tongue, taste
innervates the lip muscles including the obicularis oris and the zygomaticus. The muscles must contract during the oral preparatory and oral transport stages of the swallow to prevent food from dribbling out of the mouth. The facial also innervates the buccinator muscles of the cheeks. These must remain tense during the oral component of the swallowing process to prevent the pocketing of food between the teeth and the cheeks. Sensory Component carries information about taste from the anterior 2/3 of the tongue.
Nerve that supplies sensory and parasympathetic fibers to the tongue, palate, and the narrow passage from the mouth, and motor fibers to the muscles of the face and jaw.
The seventh cranial nerve, responsible for control of the muscles of the face. Damage to branches of this nerve during facial piercings can result in paralysis of facial muscles.