Definitions for "Extravaganza"
a lavish or spectacular show or event, or presentation; as, Disney staged an extravaganza in Central Park that drew many thousands.
any lavishly staged or spectacular entertainment
A team competition composed of a large number of puzzles in several stages, having a theme or storyline, and usually with a final puzzle incorporating information from all previous stages. Smaller puzzle sets with this pattern are oxymoronically called 'miniextravaganzas'. An extravaganza is usually the highlight of Saturday night puzzling at conventions. The Intercoastal Altercations events have an extravaganza like program as well, but are played with teams from all over collaborating on the internet. Other examples would include the MIT Mystery Hunt or the Microsoft Puzzle Hunt. Added Sept/2004
A composition, as in music, or in the drama, designed to produce effect by its wild irregularity; esp., a musical caricature.
Keywords:  sentiment, flight, language
An extravagant flight of sentiment or language.