Definitions for "Extinguisher"
a manually operated device for extinguishing small fires
A portable fire extinguishing device used to contain or put out small fires. These devices are manually operated.
Portable device containing fire suppressant, often pressurized to expel suppressant when triggered by operator. Important to properly select type of extinguisher appropriate to type of material burning (wood, grease, electrical, etc).
Keywords:  flame, torch, burner, wick, esp
One who, or that which, extinguishes; esp., a hollow cone or other device for extinguishing a flame, as of a torch or candle.
A mechanism incorporated into the burner design that allows the flame to be extinguished, generally by depressing a lever which raises a sleeve over the wick tube and puts out the flame.
Keywords:  powder, compressed, gas, liquid, agent
a container for an extinguishing agent which can be liquid, chemical powder or compressed gas