Definitions for "Expressive"
Serving to express, utter, or represent; indicative; communicative; -- followed by of; as, words expressive of his gratitude.
Full of expression; vividly representing the meaning or feeling meant to be conveyed; significant; emphatic; as, expressive looks or words.
properties - the ideas or ideals, dynamic states, and/or mood or spirit that can be identified and/or associated with objects or events, which, when coupled with a work's other properties, contribute to the evocation of particular thoughts and feelings.
a wine which evokes many descriptive expressions Top of the page Feminine graceful and elegant but with little body : opposite to a virile wine which has not yet developed its potential
a personality classification for people who are motivated by fun, are people-oriented, aggressive and despise structure
communication refers to how an individual uses symbolic language, whether through speech, sign, writing, or any other modality.
See Expressive function of language
Keywords:  characterized, face
characterized by expression; "a very expressive face"