Definitions for "Exclusive distribution"
a marketing strategy of severely limiting the number of wholesalers and/or retailers (usually just one) in a given territory who are allowed to sell a manufacturer's product; done for reasons such as to protect a product's lofty image, maintain a premium price, or to protect dealers in a particular region. See intensive distribution and selective distribution. exclusive rights a marketer's title to being the only company or brand in its category allowed to be directly associated with an event, cause, or entity such as a sports team; e.g., adidas's legally-binding authority to be recognized as the official apparel of the U.S. Olympic team, Gatorade's legal claim to be the official energy drink of NASCAR, or Nike's title to being the official uniform of the University of Michigan Wolverines football team. See rights, rights fees, sponsor, sponsorship, non-exclusive rights, and exclusivity.
An extreme form of selective distribution in which intermediaries are granted the exclusive right distribute a product within in a geographic region.
Takes place when suppliers enter into agreements with one or a few retailers that designate the latter as the only companies in specified geographic areas to carry certain brands and/or product lines.