Definitions for "Errata"
See Erratum.
Corrections supplied after publication, usually in the form of tipped in slips
A list of errors within the content of a book. Often encountered in a small sheet of paper laid into a book.
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a message about new updates for your system, usually accompanied by updated packages
Information published by Red Hat describing security fixes, bug fixes, and package enhancements for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The information includes the topics of the Errata, Bugzilla bug IDs, relevant releases/architectures, solutions including required RPMs, and MD5 checksums for verification. Errata are also available at Each RHN Errata Alert is based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Errata List. Security issues and bug fixes are submitted by Red Hat engineers as well as the Linux community through Bugzilla which generates a bug report for each issue. Red Hat engineering evaluates the reports, resolves the bug, and generates new RPM packages. After the Red Hat quality assurance team tests new packages they are placed on the Red Hat Public File Server and on the Red Hat Network Server and an Errata is generated.
Errata is Latin for "Ooops." When software is found to have bugs, quite often the software is fixed, and released as errata. Red Hat Linux is no exception to the rule; we have an Errata Web page at