Definitions for "Ergo"
European Research Gateway On-line. Pilot initiative gathering core information in English on research projects form across Europe.
Verband Der Cigarettenindustrie Research Group, Reemtsma Labs-Hamburg
European Research Gateway Organisation
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This is a Latin term for "therefore."
(air-go)conj. Latin for "therefore," often used in legal writings. Its most famous use was in Cogito, ergo sum: "I think, therefore I am" principle by French philosopher Rene Descartes (1596-1650).
Economic Reform and Growth Office
Ergo was a student-run newspaper, based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but distributed and staffed by people from other colleges in the Boston area as well, primarily Harvard University and Boston University. It was started in 1969 as a conservative-libertarian alternative to the often socialist student activism that was prevalent at the time. It was published weekly on Wednesdays; support came from advertising, contributions, and subscriptions; MIT provided free office space but did not otherwise support the paper.
Therefore; consequently; -- often used in a jocular way.
(used as a sentenced connector) therefore or consequently
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Another name for the Indoor Rower.
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Rowing machine.