Definitions for "Entanglement"
An extensive low obstacle formed of stakes, stumps, or the like, connected by wires, ropes, or the like.
obstacles placed in front of an earthwork to trip up and delay attackers, sometimes used to refer to an abattis.  During the Civil War, telegraph wire was strung from stump to stump at shin level to form a "wire entanglement."  Most wire was retrieved or scavenged during or after the war, so little would be expected to survive archeologically.
State of being entangled; intricate and confused involution; that which entangles; intricacy; perplexity.
an intricate trap that entangles or ensnares its victim
An obstruction of cables and spars across a river or harbor entrance.
the position of being wrapped or twisted within another object such as a net or fishing line.
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