Definitions for "EMD"
Equilibrium Mode Distribution. The condition in a multimode optical fibre in which the relative power distribution among the propagating modes is independent of length. Synonym: Steady-State Condition. See also: Equilibrium Length; Mode; Mode Coupling.
Equilibrium modal distribution. Steady state modal distribution in multimode fiber, achieved some distance from the source, where the relative power in the modes becomes stable with increasing distance.
Electronic Music Distribution - A broad term used to signify network-base music distribution. The Internet and cable television are only a few of the network systems that are paving the way for such services.
Environmental Management Division of MCB Camp Lejeune
Emergency Management Division
Energy and Minerals Division
Electromechanical Dissociation
EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT. A deposit made by the potential home buyer to show that he or she is serious about buying the house. It will be placed in escrow until the contract is either cancelled or signed by both parties.
earnest money deposit. A deposit made by potential home buyers to show that they are serious about buying the house.
Customized data transmissions from RTI to Client eliminating need to manually enter vendor invoice and store credit information into business systems.
Magnetically controlled disks that flip on and off to create changeable messages and are controlled with digital technology. See also electronic message signs.
Enterprise Manager Daemon. The Enterprise Manager Daemon handles the different components metrics and displays them in a component specific HTML page. An EMD is installed with Oracle9 Application Server.
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