Definitions for "electrophoresis"
the motion of charged molecules or particles in a liquid medium under the influence of an electric field; particles with a positive charge move toward the cathode and negative to the anode.
the application of the principle of electrophoresis to separate molecules, used as an analytical or preparative technique; as, separation by electrophoresis; gel electrophoresis.
(EP), is a technique for separation of ionic molecules (principally proteins) by the differential migration through a gel according to the size and ionic charge of the molecules in an electrical field. Smaller molecules with a more negative charge will travel faster and further through the gel toward the anode of an electrophoretic cell when high voltage is applied. Similar molecules will group on the gel. They may be visualized by staining and quantitated, in relative terms, using densitometers which continuously monitor the photometric density of the resulting stain.
Neural Urogenital
Neural Ultrasonography
Neural Urology
Osteogenesis Xanthomatosis
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Neoplastic Tubulin
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Monocytes Triptorelin
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Nephrotic Ventilation
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Mitochondria Tomography
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Nausea Thalidomide
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Perinatal Vaccine
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Oral Transillumination
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A dead short is created when excess DC voltage is applied to an LCD. Conductive particles from one piece of glass are transferred through the liquid crystal fluid and deposited on the conductive surface of the opposite piece of glass.
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A method of determining the genetic differences or similarities between individual fish or groups of fish by using tissue samples.