Definitions for "eject "
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Eject is a program for ejecting removable media under software control. It can also control the auto-eject feature of some drives and can be used to switch CDs on an IDE/ATAPI CD changer.
To make a removable disk or other storage medium come out of the drive.
When a jukebox opens the mail slot and places a volume to be removed in the slot. Unmounting a volume causes the optical disk containing the volume to be ejected.
To abandon an ace point game so as to avoid losing a backgammon or gammon.
To run with the last checker playing an ace point game to avoid gammon or a backgammon. When a player has one checker on the ace point facing the opponents last three checkers on the two point, it is better not to eject because you are guaranteed a shot and possibly a double shot on your next turn as long as your opponent does not roll doubles higher than double 1's.
To expel; to dismiss; to cast forth; to thrust or drive out; to discharge; as, to eject a person from a room; to eject a traitor from the country; to eject words from the language.
To cast out; to evict; to dispossess; as, to eject tenants from an estate.
put out or expel from a place; "The child was expelled from the classroom"
An object that is a conscious or living object, and hence not a direct object, but an inferred object or act of a subject, not myself; -- a term invented by W. K. Clifford.
leave an aircraft rapidly, using an ejection seat or capsule
Controlled sequence initiated by the pilot to seperate himself from the aircraft.
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Origins, Killer Comets
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cause to come out in a squirt; "the boy squirted water at his little sister"
Eject is the name of a fictional character from the various Transformers universes.
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eliminate (substances) from the body