Definitions for "EFTS"
Electronic Fund Transfer Systems. A variety of systems and technologies for transferring funds (money) electronically rather than by check. This includes Fedwire, automated clearinghouses (ACHs), and other automated systems.
EFTs are Electronic Fund Transfers between banks. EFTs are the safest, most secure, and timely method of sending or receiving payments.
electronic funds transfer systems. Variety of computerized systems that eliminate paperwork by handling financial transactions such as bill payment or the transferring of money electronically.
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Equivalent Full Time Students. This is one of the bases upon which tertiary education organisations receive funding from the Government.
The value of the programme normally taken by a student in a year – 1 EFTS = 120 points at NZSM and Victoria. At Massey 1 EFTS= 100 points.
quivalent ull ime tudents: The conversion of total student bodies enrolled to an enrollment based on actual attendance days. Used to arrive at the cost per student.
Elementary Flying Training School.
Extended File Type Support. A rendering module for Express that extends the rendering capability to over 300 file types. This method ensures the highest rendering efficiency without requiring additional software to be installed on the computer performing the conversion. More information