Definitions for "EDF"
Execution Diagnostic Facility. CICS facility used for testing application programs interactively, without the requirement to change the source program or the program preperation procedure. The facility intercepts execution of the program at various points (e.g. EXEC CICS commands) and displays information about the program at these points.
See Execution Diagnostic Facility (EDF).
Execution Diagnostic Facility. In CICS, a facility that helps an application programmer to debug an application by going through its CICS commands. The programmer can change values in the application while it is running.
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Enterprise Data Fabric. Enterprise data fabric or EDF is a data layer that separates data sources from applications, providing the means to solve the gridlock prevalent in distributed environments such as grid computing, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and event-driven architecture (EDA).
Earth Defence Force
Environmental Defence Fund
Environmental Defense Fund
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Electricité de France
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Elecrtic Ducted Fan Report this Word Added by: pacro
European Development Fund.
European Disability Forum