Definitions for "EAA"
The Experimental Aircraft Assn. The 99s participates in both the annual convention in Oshkosh WI and at the mid-year convention in Lakeland Fl.
Experimental Aircraft Association, PO Box 3086, Oshkosh, WI 54903 Phone 1-414-426-4800; FAX 1-414-426-4828; Membership 1-800-843-3612
An abbreviation for an the Experimental Aircraft Association.
Extrinsieke Allergische Alveolitis
Ethylene acrylic acid copolymer. Because of its excellent adhesion to aluminum foil, it is mostly used for extrusion lamination of foil to other surfaces.
Excitatory Amino Acid.
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Endotoxin activity assay
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East African Artillery KAR
Everglades Agricultural Area. Land in the northern Everglades that was drained for agricultural development.
Emergency Assessment Area
Environmental Assessment Association.
Environmental Assessment Act
Estate Agents Authority. The body set up to regulate the Estate Agency industry in accordance with the Estate Agents Ordinance. The body acts as an educator and regulator.
Employment Assistance Australia.
Education Accountability Act (Bill 74)
Export Administration Act