Definitions for "Drains"
These are usually the smaller pipes that serve a single property, and they join up to form a Drainage System. There may be foul water, and surface water drains, which are usually in separate systems. Many queries are caused by drainage problems, and odours or smells from these systems.
Pipes which carry away waste or other water. Sometimes refers to the inlet for the drain such as on the bottom of a bathtub.
A fitting which is installed in the drain opening of the sink or lavatory which carries water to the P-trap below. Some drains have the ability to stop water from exiting the bowl and others are equipped with strainers. The latter are used in bar and kitchen sinks. There are many different types of drains including pop up, lift & turn, plug and chain, and strainers.
In hydrologic terms, a vertical well or borehole, usually downstream of impervious cores, grout curtains or cutoffs, designed to collect and direct seepage through or under a dam to reduce uplift pressure under or within a dam. A line of such wells forms a "drainage curtain".
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Temporary drainage tubes are often placed near the incision during surgery to help remove extra fluid or old blood. These are usually removed a few days after surgery.