Definitions for "downer"
Commonly used term for an animal that is unable to rise and walk.
a cow unable to stand, and which is usually either lame or suffering from the debilitating brain wasting disease
an animal that can't get up
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"Downer" is a song written by Kurt Cobain for his band Fecal Matter. It was later performed and recorded by Cobain's band Nirvana. It was first featured on the CD American versions of their debut album Bleach.
a drug that reduces excitability and calms a person.
Refers to barbiturates, tranquillisers, and other drugs which produce sedation and/or sleep.
Someone or something that brings you down, makes you sad. Derogatory. "It's a downer having Nixon as president!"
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slang n. low point of experience, bad part, unhappy part
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Downer is the New Jersey state soil.
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Person with Down Syndrome.