Definitions for "Dow Jones Index"
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A measure of the average price of shares on the New York stockmarket as well as the oldest and most widely quoted measure of change in stock prices. Its average is taken from the closing prices of 30 representative stocks from 'mature' industries such as chemicals and steel -- known as 'smokestack America' as opposed to the more modernized high-tech industries. The Dow Jones Index is the US equivalent to the Australian 50 Leaders Index. Its name is derived from Charles Dow and Eddie Jones who partnered up in 1882 to report stockmarket news to New York's financial community. From their beginnings as a reporting firm from a small Wall Street office emerged the Wall Street Journal, of which Charles Dow was the first editor.
The share index showing movements on the New York Stock Exchange. The most widely known NYSE index is the Dow Jones industrial average, based on thirty leading stocks in US industry and other sectors of the economy. A similar index in the United Kingdom is the Financial Times Industrial Ordinary index. Français: Indice Dow Jones Español: Indice Dow Jones
a share price index measuring the market prices of 30 representative industrial companies on the New York Stock Exchange.
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