Definitions for "Double Run"
Keywords:  meld, trump, queen, jack, worth
A meld combination consisting of two Aces, two Tens, Two Kings, Two Queens, and two Jacks of trump; worth 150 points (very rare).
a piece of meld consisting of both Aces, both Tens, both Kings, both Queens, and both Jacks of Trump; worth 1500 points (very rare). Same as 1500 Trump. See also run.
A Double Run is a run of 3 or 4 cards containing a pair. These runs count 8 points and 10 points respectively, plus any combinations of 15 that may be present. Example of a three card Double Run is Ace, Ace, 2, 3. A four card double run might be 10,10,Jack Queen, King. There are hundreds of possible combinations plus many of the Double Runs contain combinations of 15 such as 7,7,8,9 which counts 8 for the double run plus an addition 4 points for the two combinations of "15".