Definitions for "Dolls"
Dolls is a film directed by horror director Stuart Gordon and released in 1987, after Gordon's success with Re-Animator.
Dolls (or Plant Dolls) is a collection of short manga stories by Yumiko Kawahara. In the US it's published by VIZ Media.
(Saki Otoh and Nakamura Tomomi). Two volumes have been published in Japan, but it has not been published in English yet.
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The Dolls or the Shadoloo Elite Squad Members are video game characters in the Street Fighter series. They first appeared in the fighting game, Street Fighter Alpha 3 which was released in 1998. There are thirteen Dolls but only three of them are playable in the game; the rest are non-playable.
"Dolls (Sweet Rock and Roll)" (sometimes referred to as "Dolls" or "Dolls (Sweet Rock n Roll)") is a song by the band Primal Scream. It was released as a single on August 7, 2006 and was the second to be released from the band's eighth album Riot City Blues.
Victorian and Edwardian children derived much pleasure from playing with dolls. In general the heads, arms and legs were made from porcelain and the bodies, cloth filled with sand, straw, sawdust or even rice. A complete section will be dedicated to dolls, some of which are of extreme beauty and all of which picture the aura of the time.
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Miniature Living Doll
To-scale cut-outs that represent physical parts to be mounted on a circuit board. They are used to perform component placement during a manual layout effort.