Definitions for "DMP"
2,6-dimethylphenol Dianhydride
Debt Management Programme. This is an informal agreement designed to allow a person struggling with debt to make on affordable monthly repayment through a debt management company. In return for a management fee the company passes the payments to creditors until the debts are cleared. The important service these companies provide is negotiating the freezing of interest and charges and regularly ensure that creditors continue this freeze. They should also ensure that, as long as the repayments are kept up, no legal or recovery actions are taken as well as handling any replies to creditors correspondence.
Debt Management Program
Data Management Plan - a document that establishes an overall plan for the data management requirements for a specific project.
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di-methyl phthalate
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(n.) Dynamic Multipathing.
NetBIOS Diagnostic and Monitoring Protocol
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data movement processor
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double match point