Definitions for "Discontinuation"
Breach or interruption of continuity; separation of parts in a connected series; discontinuance.
the act of discontinuing or breaking off; an interruption (temporary or permanent)
The shifting of a topic or the entire contents of a number to a more general number in the same hierarchy or the complete removal of the topic or number. A topic or number is discontinued because the topic or concept represented by the number has a negligible current literature or represents a distinction that is no longer valid in the literature or common perception of the field. A note explaining its shift or removal accompanies a discontinued topic or number. Discontinued numbers appear in square brackets. See also Relocation; Schedule reduction.
Discontinuation is when a product's manufacture and/or support are stopped by the company that makes the product. This is usually due to low sales, but it does not mean the product never sold well. Many high selling products eventually see a drop in sales and eventual discontinuation, usually after being superseded by a superior product.