Definitions for "Digester"
A strong closed vessel, in which bones or other substances may be subjected, usually in water or other liquid, to a temperature above that of boiling, in order to soften them.
A vessel or tank in which organic or chemical reactions take place under controlled conditions. Digesters are used in sewage treatment plants.
a large container where wood is pulped or "cooked" using chemicals, heat and pressure.
a hunting and eating machine
a "rotting machine
In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the digester is a velociraptor-like magical beast (though it only has two limbs), with a bony head sporting short tendrils. It has a serated spine, and its lower legs are skinny. As can be guessed from its name, the Digester is an eating-machine that attacks with acid.
an enzyme that safely removes albuminous/protein stains from fabric
A chemical agent, usually an organic enzyme, which is used to break down stains like blood or food products.
A medicine or an article of food that aids digestion, or strengthens digestive power.
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One who digests.