Definitions for "Designate"
Keywords:  dezi, neit, rioters, distinctive, mark
To mark out and make known; to point out; to name; to indicate; to show; to distinguish by marks or description; to specify; as, to designate the boundaries of a country; to designate the rioters who are to be arrested.
To call by a distinctive title; to name.
5dezI^neIt/ v. to mark or point out; show; specify
(Calendar Server Administrator's Guide; search in this book)
A user with the right to modify an agenda not their own; either a person or of a resource. Designate rights are assigned to one or more people by the owner of the agenda.
a special person who can change your calendar for you
decree or designate beforehand; "She was destined to become a great pianist"
design or destine; "She was intended to become the director"
Designated; appointed; chosen.
To indicate or set apart for a purpose or duty; -- with to or for; as, to designate an officer for or to the command of a post or station.
appointed but not yet installed in office
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des'ig nat make know or point out
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mend store
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See Access_type, Task..
See access type, task.
assign a name or title to
the act of determining whether your wastes are hazardous and if so, why (i.e., are they "listed" waste, characteristic wastes, etc?).