Definitions for "Dependency Status"
Keywords:  orphan, ward, fafsa, graduate, parent
Your classification as either a dependent or independent student according to the specified requirements of the State or Federal financial aid programs you are applying for. These classifications are based on the idea that students who may have access to parental support should not receive financial aid at the expense of students who don't.
A student's dependency status is determined by guidelines established by the federal government and indicates to what degree the student has access to the parent's Financial resources. Dependent Student Status – For an individual to be considered your dependent, they must live with you, and you must provide them with more than half their financial support. Spouses do not count as dependents in the Federal Methodology.
When you apply for federal student aid, your answers to questions on the FAFSA will determine whether you are considered dependent or independent. All dependent students must report parental income and assets as well as their own.