Definitions for "Delegates"
The Delegates must approve all books published by OUP before we can proceed to contract. The Delegates are a group of 21 men and women appointed from the academic staff of the University. They meet fortnightly during term-time under the chairmanship of the Vice-Chancellor. They are actively involved in the publishing programme: all books are referred to them for approval and individual Delegates maintain a dialogue with editors in their specialist subject areas. More than 30 USA Delegates are appointed from American universities to advise on the publishing programme for OUP USA.
a person elected or appointed to speak for others
people at a national party convention with the power to help select candidates for office; representatives who see their job as giving the majority what it wants.
Representatives who attempt to follow the opinions of their constituents, regardless of whether or not those opinions accord with their own.
A person who carries out aspects of the administration of the plan, including any professional or other service provider employed or retained by the plan administrator. Depending on the circumstances, it may include a service provider who gives advice on the pension plan and pension fund.