Definitions for "Decompensation"
Deterioration in a person's ability to cope with life stresses, which may lead to the development of symptoms of psychological distress.
is a temporary return to a lower level of psychological adaptation or functioning, often occurring when an individual is under considerable stress or has discontinued psychiatric medication against medical advice. 20
Loss of psychological or functional stability.
Inability of the heart to maintain adequate circulation, usually results in a waterlogging of tissues. A person whose heart is failing to maintain normal circulation is said to be "decompensated".
Failure of the heart to maintain adequate blood circulation, often recognized by difficulty breathing and edema.
The re-emergence of symptoms and associated problems (e.g., insomnia, withdrawal, agitation) after a period in remission or in a residual phase, with progression to an acute state where symptoms are disruptive of functioning and highly distressful. This re-emergence, or relapse, may occur over a period of days or months.
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in scoliosis, this refers to loss of spinal balance when the thoracic cage is not centered over the pelvis.