Definitions for "Decadent"
Decaying; deteriorating.
One that is decadent, or deteriorating; esp., one characterized by, or exhibiting, the qualities of those who are degenerating to a lower type; -- specif. applied to a certain school of modern French writers.
Any outmoded style of art, especially those recently displaced by the avant-garde. In this usage, the term decadent carries no moral or ethical connotations, though it is often applied by the artist to his or her rivals.
If you are an ice cream and chocolate lover, you know the feeling of eating a huge sundae of rich vanilla ice cream lavished with hot fudge and real whipped cream. If you are a wine enthusiast, a wine loaded with opulent, even unctuous layers of fruit, with a huge bouquet, and a plump, luxurious texture can be said to be decadent.