Definitions for "DCN"
Direction des constructions navales
DCN is a naval defence company based in France and is one of Europe's leading shipbuilders.
a reference number assigned to each claim by the DMERC. This should be included in all correspondence about each particular claim.
Declaration Control Number. A unique number assigned to each tax return per IRS requirements. The DCN is automatically generated by ProSeries and Lacerte once the return has passed electronic filing checks.
Declaration Control Number. A 14-digit number assigned to your return by your intermediate service provider and/or transmitter.
Deposit Correction Notice. These are debit or credit adjustments made for out-of-balance conditions.
Deposit Correction Notice. Adjustments (debits or credits) made for an out-of-balance condition due to various problems in the transmittal. The correction is made by the merchant's acquirer at the time of capture prior to being sent out for interchange.
abbreviation for 'Document Change Notice'.
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Deputy Chief of Navy
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disconnect message
Disconnect. This command indicates the initiation of fax modem phase E  - call release. This command requires no response.
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Digital Content Network
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Data Communications Network