Definitions for "DATALINK"
Homepage: Contact: Sean Fishlock Description: Datalink are an Australian vendor that maintain and supports the Freestyler CMS project. Freestyler is an easy to use content management system for web and Intranet publishing with over 100 installs.
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A DataLink is created to allow GhostFill templates to communicate with databases. A DataLink is a reference to a database as well as to a specific data set (table or view) in that database. GhostFill uses a DataLink because it is easier to refer to data via a unique name (the DataLink name) rather than by both the database and data set names.
a prime candidate for the resulting robust, time-critical, communication requirement
the term which describes the two-way digital communication system between Bang & Olufsen products (connected via a 7-pin DIN plug)
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Low power lasers that carry secure information between all the ships, drones and missiles of a fleet.
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Diagnostic specimen
Digital phone
An accessory that allows connection of a personal computer/computer terminal to Motorola phones.
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a field data type that is used to point to another object that contains the data for that field