Definitions for "Data Field"
A category of information in a data source. A data field corresponds to one column of information in the data source. The name of each data field is listed in the first row (header row) of the data source. "PostalCode" and "LastName" are examples of data field names.
One column of data in a RowSet.
Space for a specific data element in a computer record. Exam­ple: the fields for the coordinates in a place name computer record.
A specific location on a record ( card in TABS programs) in a data file where a data value occurs.
A specific electronic code placed on a certain type of data (identified by the user) that permits rapid retrieval and sorting of all data of a certain type.
1. A space on a data form or in an electronic record designated to contain, or that actually contains, alphabetic or numeric characters of information recorded in response to a specific data item on the form. 2. The actual collection of alphabetic or numeric characters used to denote information recorded in response to a specified question or statement on a data form.
A specific area of an electronic record allocated for a particular category of data, usually one data element, such as name.
See Data Element.
Syn: data element.
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a tag you can use anywhere in the message you are creating that expands to some text when the message is being sent
Keywords:  via, space, word, defined, associated
The data space associated with a word defined via CREATE.