Definitions for "Data bank"
a branch of Forensic Laboratory Services that contains the Convicted Offender Index and the Crime Scene Index
a law enforcement and criminal law tool of particular relevance in combating the worst offences - often involving vulnerable victims - while also serving to rule out suspects, and thus protecting the innocent
an extremely powerful tool with important repercussions for our justice system and our society
A collection of information organized so that specific facts can be retrieved as needed. Today, many data banks are organized on computers.
The actual, substantive, factual information which goes into a database
In telecommunications, a data bank is a repository of information on one or more subjects that is organized in a way that facilitates local or remote information retrieval. A data bank may be either centralized or decentralized. In this sense, data bank is synonymous with database.
an integral rugby matches component of CODIS and represents
a Defensible Advance in Criminology
An electronic depository of data
The electronic storehouse within a computer system where information can be stored and accessed by other computers attached to that system.
A collection of data in a common location, relating to a given set of subjects.
A well-defined collection of data, usually of the same general type, which can be accessed by a computer; also called a data base.
A system for storing a large quantity of related information.
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See Corporate Memory. [D02602