Definitions for "Darken"
Keywords:  tarnish, sully, scandal, foul, stain
To make foul; to sully; to tarnish.
tarnish or stain; "a scandal that darkened the family's good name"
Keywords:  gort, webcomic, foulks, gloom, vicious
To cast a gloom upon.
Darken is a webcomic set in a Dungeons and Dragons style fantasy world, featuring a cast of morally ambiguous or outright evil characters led by Gort, a vicious dark knight. It is based on a story by Mike Foulks.
Keywords:  obscure, perplex, dim, deprive, render
To make dark or black; to deprive of light; to obscure; as, a darkened room.
To render dim; to deprive of vision.
To cloud, obscure, or perplex; to render less clear or intelligible.
Keywords:  darker, sky, grow, brown, room
To grow or darker.
become dark or darker; "The sky darkened"
become or make darker; "The screen darkend"; "He darkened the colors by adding brown"