Definitions for "Dark Ages"
The Middle Ages, especially the period from about A.D. 476 to the end of the 10th century, so called from the idea that this period in Europe was characterized by intellectual stagnation, widespread ignorance and poverty, and cultural decline.
This is the name given to the Middle Ages from the fifth century (the decline of classical culture) through to the fourteenth century (the start of the Renaissance in Italy) because of the apparent intellectual and moral ignorance or darkness of this period.
A term given by some to the centuries in Europe immediately after the Roman period, from about AD 400. It is very difficult archaeologically to see what happened within this timespan as far as settlement, farming and so on are concerned. In most of Britain, people stopped using and making pottery, ceased producing and using coins, built in wood (which has rotted away) rather than stone and, in many other ways, have denied archaeologists the wealth of inorganic and concrete evidence they are used to from the Roman centuries. However, the period was not 'dark' at all except by comparison to the Roman period with its consumer and commercial society, which is much more like our own and which some archaeologists find more satisfying. See also Middle Ages.
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an adventure role-playing game set in a Celtic dreamland on the border of light and darkness
Dark Ages: Online Roleplaying is an MMORPG, based on Celtic mythology, developed by Nexon, Inc (now known as Kru Interactive). It is loosely based on the Korean game called Legend of Darkness. The American version was developed by David Kennerly (not the photographer), who based it somewhat on the works of horror writer H.P.
Dark Ages is the fifth LP for metal band Soulfly. The album was released on October 4, 2005, more than a year from the previous one Prophecy. The album was strongly influenced by the death of Max and Gloria's (Max's wife) 8 month old grandson, Moses, who died on December 10, 2004.
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Often considered the time between the fall of Rome and the Norman Conquest. We tend to use this term interchangably with "Viking Era"