Definitions for "DAR "
house, dwelling, abode; dar al-Islam, the lands where Islamic law prevails; dar al-harb, the land of war, territory not under Islamic law and subject to conquest by Muslims.
Dar (Hindi: धर, Urdu: ڈار) or Dhar is a Kashmiri tribe and family name in the Kashmir region of India and Pakistan. It is derived from the Sanskrit "Dhar" (धर) meaning supporter. Digital Dictionarties of South Asia: dhar Kashmir had a high concentration of Brahmins in antiquity, and hence many last names in Kashmir are shared by both Pandits and the Muslims.
Daughters of the American Revolution.  This is a lineage society that admits individuals only when they have proven a family connection to a qualifying ancestor.
National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution
Deutscher Akkreditierungsrat
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Differential Amtospheric Refraction. Due to the wavelength-dependent refractive index of air, the apparent angle between an object's near-IR and visible images varies with elevation. This effect must be mechanically compensated (by tracking the TSS in LGSAO) to keep the near-IR image fixed on the NIRC2 detector. See paper by H. Roe for more information.
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A Designated Airworthiness Representative is a private person designated by the United States Federal Aviation Administration to act on its behalf in the inspection of amateur-built aircraft and the issuance of airworthiness certificates. The amateur-builder may contact the local FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) or Manufacturing Inspection District Office (MIDO) for assistance.
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house or palace; DAR EL MAKHZEN , royal palace
A house. Ar.
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DAR is a framework for building packages in clean build environments . It consists of tools to create and manage these build environments, to build packages for each build environment and to update multiple Apt repositories.
DAR (Disk Archive) is an archiving tool and a replacement for tar.
Average Damage per Round (or Damage Average per Round) is the Damage a player or team does to the opposing players on average during a round not counting friendly fire but including all grenade damage. (When DAR is calculated per weapon only rounds where that weapon was used in any attack count)
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The home area or region of an ethnic or cultural group.
Defense Acquisition Regulations
Diagnostic Assessments of Reading
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Dartmouth College
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(or D-A-R) Dial-a-ride: see "demand responsive."
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Digital Audio Reserves