Definitions for "DAG"
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A Direct Acyclical Graph developed in java
A data structure used by DAGman (see DAGman) to represent dependencies; each job is a node in a DAG; each node can have a number of parent or children nodes but no loops. A DAG is defined by a .dag file, listing each of its nodes and their dependencies
directed acyclic graph. A directed graph containing no cycles. This means that if there is a route from node A to node B then there is no way back.
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A loose end; a dangling shred.
Wool clogged with dung. Usually forms teardrop shaped pendants dangling under the tail and around the anus of sheep. If allowed to remain dags may become infested with maggots which in some cases may go on to infest the flesh of the living sheep.
a term given to a socially inept person, and also dirty wool around a sheeps bum.
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A misty shower; dew.
To be misty; to drizzle.
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A dagger; a poniard.
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To daggle or bemire.
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DAG was a television sitcom that aired from November 2000 to May 2001. It was named after its star, David Alan Grier, who played United States Secret Service agent Jerome Daggett. Daggett's name, in turn, is a back-formation.
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irected cyclic raph
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Disability Advisory Group
District Advisory Group for the Like Minds Like Mine programme.
division artillery group
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Doll Artisan Guild
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The unbranched antler of a young deer.
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To cut into jags or points; to slash; as, to dag a garment.
a flap along the edge of a garment; used in medieval clothing
A triangular shaped decorative attachment, usually along the hem lines of a piece of mail clothing. Forms a "wavy" edge.
a dag is someone lacking in social graces, someone who is eccentric and doesn't fit in. The closest U.S. approximation is nerd, but a dag doesn't necessarily know a thing about computers or mathematics or science.
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Wag or entertaining character.
Hard case, either as a humorist or disregarder of convention.
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A large pistol formerly used.
Acronym for "Data Acquisition Geek," a computer expert who maintains a team's Data Acquisition system and analyzes the data.
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Deputy Attorney General
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humorous person