Definitions for "Cyber Squatting"
It is commonly associated with the act of registering domain names related to popular brand names - then attempting to profit from the use of the domain name and/or selling the domain name back to the original brand name / trademark holder at exorbitant fees. In recent years, such acts of cyber squatting have been dealt with by the World Intellectual Property Organization ( WIPO). WIPO has the right to decide who gets to keep the domain in the even of disputes between domain owners and trademark holders. Back to up
CyberSquatting is when an individual/company registers someone else's trademarked Domain with the intent of extorting money for the Domain at a later date. Our Domains, for the most part, were originally registered or purchased as simple investments with the future purpose to resell the name and later develop a web site around it. The secondary Domain market is a legitimate business and is currently considered to be one of the fastest-growing and highest quality high tech-related business opportunities. GLOSSARY DOMAIN NAME WORD
Obtaining domain names that resemble or match known brands. Usually for the purpose of selling the domain name to the highest bidder.