Definitions for "cul"
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Acronym for ‘Central University Library', now called Geisel Library.  Used in bibliographic records and also on spine labels for material housed at SSHL.
Cornell University Library. refers to the collective of 19 libraries, including Geneva and Medical (Olin/Kroch/Uris count as one). No "the."
UL certification of testing to Canadian UL standards.
Underwriter's Laboratory has been granted the ability to test and approve electrical devices for use in Canada. Units marked with the cUL mark have been tested by UL for use in Canada (and are fully recognized by Canada).
Abbreviation for Canadian Underwriters Labs.
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See You Later
Seeyou later
Catch you later
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Council on Undergraduate Learning
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a contraction of cul-de-sac.
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Culet size (bottom point of diamond).
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a passage with access only at one end