Definitions for "Crafts"
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A form of art expression that more specifically relates to textiles, ceramics and jewelry.
Any of a number of items produced using original art techniques are today considered fine art crafts--blown glass, pottery, ceramics, clay pieces, textiles/weavings, wood carvings and other items that are created by artists are original and unique works of art. Some are very expensive and are very collectible.
In the Role-playing game , the term Craft refers to a fictional society, particularly to an esoteric group not part of a formal alliance of like societies. Also known as Disparates, these groups count mages among their members, though most have members in the mundane human population as well. Each Craft is different, following its own rules, and Crafts vary in size enormously, from having only a few dozen members to have thousands (though as the size of the Craft increases, the proportion who are Awakened mages tends to decrease).
an Indonesian company based in Jogjakarta
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a non-profit project of CAMA Services Inc
One's ability to craft a useful item. While Artistry would allow one to paint beautiful shield, only one with Crafts could construct the shield
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handmade objects
Objects made by hand with skill.