Definitions for "COVERSTOCK"
The material that makes up the outer shell of the ball; the hardness, texture, and shine of a bowling ball. It is generally defined as Aggressive, meaning it is made of a high friction material that is prone to large hook or flip when it encounters dry boards; or, Medium which displays less tendency to hook; and, Mild/Mellow which is the lowest friction material and the least sensitive to dry lanes.
The outer shell of bowling balls, which can be constructed with a variety of materials such as Polyester, Rubber, Urethane and Reactive Urethane.
Outer shell of the bowling ball. The composition varies from polyester, urethane, reactive resin and particle reactive resin.
A permeable fabric used in hygiene products to cover and contain an absorbent medium.
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Paper, usually thicker than book paper, that is used for the cover of publications.