Definitions for "Coral Reef"
rocklike accumulation secreted by corals and algae in shall water along a shoreline
A collective structure consisting of dead skeletal limestone that has accumulated over time and a result of the coral animals that cover the structure's surface. As a result of a series of ecological relationships, the coral reef structure is directly responsible for the production of much of the earth's fish and marine life.
A marine ridge or mound that has been built up over thousands of years from limestone (calcium carbonate) deposited in the skeletons of coral polyps. The term coral reef is often used to refer to the entire ecosystem – the coral, the substrate built by the coral and the organisms that live in, on and around the reef. The geographical shape of a reef can also be part of the definition – fringing reefs, barrier reefs and atolls. For more information see How does a coral reef form? (CRC Reef Research Centre, Australia).
a natural barrier consisting of bodies of living and dead coral, usually right below water level
a natural barrier made of the bodies of living and dead coral
n. Structures composed of the living and dead colonies of cnidarians most commonly found in the tropics.
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