Definitions for "Contrasts"
In the one-way analysis of variance, the presence of a statistical significance between group averages is not simultaneously a test for which groups are different from each other. An after-the-fact test of contrasts is performed to answer this question. There are numerous, roughly equivalent tests of contrasts (least-significant difference, Bonferroni, Duncan’s multiple range test, Student-Newman-Kuels, Tukey, and Scheffé). In the literature, contrasts are reported as sets of groups that cannot be distinguished (statistically) from each other. This is often depicted graphically as lines or brackets creating sets of averages values. Performed using statistical software, a statistician may be helpful. [See one-way analysis of variance.
Keywords:  aziza, mustafa, zadeh, azeri, debut
Contrasts is the eighth and latest release by Azeri jazz artist Aziza Mustafa Zadeh. Released in early 2006, it is her first completely solo album since her debut in 1991.