Definitions for "Compaction"
When a soil becomes too firm and hard to allow good plant root growth
The decrease in volume and porosity of a sediment caused by burial beneath other sediments.
Compaction of soil is a lack of air or oxygen. Particles of soil are pressed together so tightly that there is insufficient air space. The obvious way this may occur is when a great weight is present, i.e., during construction when large trucks are daily rolled over the land. However, chemical overuse and poor irrigation are more common causes. In healthy soil, natural processes provide aeration, notably the presence of earthworms burrowing their way through the soil.
Process by which the separate cells of the early embryo fuse together to form, for the first time, a tissue. Typically occurs at the stage called the morula. With compaction, it becomes difficult to detach a cell for preimplantation genetic diagnosis.
A stage of early embryo development between the 8-cell and the blastocyst stage. Around Day 4 of in vitro culture, when the embryo consists of approximately 8 cells, the cells merge together and this is called compaction. At this stage the embryo is referred to as a morula.
The process of garbage collection in which objects are rearranged to provide a large contiguous region of storage. This is to overcome the affects of fragmentation where space is available in the heap but no single part of the free heap is big enough for the requested allocation.
A process that reclaims space and defragments disks to improve WINS server performance.
The process of volume reduction by application of stress.
the act or process of pressing materials together to occupy the smallest volume possible; a common practice at a sanitary landfill.
hand, mechanical or water consolidation of backfill.
Pieces of floating ice that are subjected to a converging motion, which increases ice concentration and/or produces stresses that may result in ice deformation.
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the act of crushing
Making an agreement or contract with someone, in this case with the Devil.
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The application of a temporary vacuum bag and vacuum to remove trapped air and compact the lay-up.
A shrinkage control technique used in fabric manufacturing.
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The act of making compact, or the state of being compact.