Definitions for "Compacting"
This strategy begins with a student assessment to determine level of knowledge or skill already attained (i.e. pretest); content, process, and product are varied after flexible grouping has been determined from the assessment.
Eliminating repetition, minimizing drill, and accelerating instruction in basic skills so that gifted students can move to more challenging material.
assessing students before beginning a unit of study or development of a skill. Teachers document (1) what the student already knows (and evidence for that conclusion), (2) what the preassessment indicates the student does not know about the topic or skill (and plans for how the student will learn those things), and (3) a plan for meaningful and challenging use of time the student will “buy” because she already knows much of the topic or skill.
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see Tableting
"--The technique of early scribes listing both major and minor historical events in a very abbreviated series."
Pieces of floating ice are said to be compacting when they are subjected to a converging motion, which increases ice concentration and/ or produces stresses which may result in ice deformation.
closely packing materials together to ensure an efficient use of space.
process that compacts the space between fabric fiber pockets. This will prevent cotton shrinkage. Comprehension straps - straps which securely hold the inner contents of a bag.
Relatively new term used to describe how the Compact joins up the various policies and processes.