Definitions for "Commercial sector"
Comprises of the business sector as well as central and local government entities, organisations, schools and tertiary institutions.
An area consisting of non-housing units such as non-manufacturing business establishments (e.g., wholesale and retail businesses), health and educational institutions, and government offices.
Commercial sector waste comes from all businesses, small and large, including wholesale and retail sales, restaurants, manufacturing, and transport. The commercial sector also includes government, schools, institutions, fairs and expositions, and other special events. It may also include the subdivision of commercial self-haul, which would include any waste generated by a business and hauled by that business to a Board-permitted landfill or transformation facility; for example, a roofing company that routinely hauls to the landfill old roofing materials removed from job sites. Commercial self-haul would also include small businesses that haul odd loads for a living. The commercial, residential, and self-haul sectors make up the complete waste stream.