Definitions for "Colorimeter"
An instrument for measuring the depth of the color of anything, especially of a liquid, by comparison with a standard liquid.
Colorimeter is an instrument for measuring color the way the eye sees it.
A device used in analysis in which a fairly broad band of radiation or color, usually in the visible wavelength, is used. For example, the determination of chlorine in water by using the DPD method uses a visual comparison of samples and standards. Other testing techniques use a photometer or light detector.
a device that attaches to the front of your monitor and is able to read the amount of color and density that your monitor is displaying
a small device that plugs into your serial or USB port and attaches to your monitor's screen
A device that measures the luminosity of a few (typically three to eight) specific colors. A colorimeter can be used with software that creates ICC device profiles for monitors. A monitor with an attached hardware calibrator uses a colorimeter.
A proprietary machine for grading diamond colour.