Definitions for "Cold Deck"
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A deck previously arranged to produce a specific outcome, then surreptitiously switched into the game.Called "cold" because such a deck switched in during play will not have been warmed by the dealer's hands. ICan't believe Jim got those four kings the same time I got four sixes--it was like beingCold-decked. Also see ice.
A deck (or shoe) that is unfavorable to players. Typically, this is a deck with a high percentage of low-value cards, though it may be used as a dispersion when a player has been dealt a run of losing hands. A "cold deck" can also refer to a deck that has been stacked to be unfavorable to players.
A term often used to describe the deck by players who feel they`re not getting enough playable or winning hands.
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The cooling section of a multizone system; includes cooling coil and duct.
a correction base for which the elements are given before correction starts and do not change during correction