Definitions for "Cody"
Starting from a front drop, 1 1/4 back somersault
A move starting on the stomach, 1 1/4 Back Somersault. Named after Joe Kotys of Akron Ohio, one of the few persons to compete internationally in both Trampoline and Gymnastics.
Any somersault from front landing. Usually 1 1/4 back somersault from front, to feet; but (3/4) front cody is also seen
My youngest nephew. He was born in 1994, the year I finished college. We are very close.
Cody Travers is a video game character from both the Final Fight and Street Fighter series. He is a fifth-degree black belt in karate and has been training in martial arts since he was nine years old.
Cody (Born Sean Garcia in the Bronx New York December 7th - Date uncertain), is possibly the only straight star to perform in just one of the Latino Fan Club Films, entitled "Speedy Rodriguez", where he received a huge international fan base for his explosive masturbation scene that featured African tribal music in the background, rather than the typical Hispanic theme the movie was going with. Boasting a mixed heritage of French, Corsican, Spanish and Arab, he would later pose for Machismo magazine as one of its sexiest new stars in the mid 1990's, while working as a stripper in New York City nightclubs, once again gaining notoriety as an up and coming porn star. He would continue stripping, leaving the scene from "Speedy Rodriguez" to be his only on-screen performance - disappearing from the industry altogether until 2001-2002, when Machismo magazine, in conjunction with Latino Fan Club would then release a calendar for which he gained further notoriety.
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an excellent guide and the mule deer hunt was 'as advertised'
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United States showman famous for his Wild West Show (1846-1917)
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a hard working, vocal athlete who leads by example