Definitions for "Clint"
A clint or flachkarren is a tabular block of limestone in limestone pavement. See also karst topography and grike.... More
Surface unit of almost horizontal limestone rock that is bounded by fissures
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Clint (real name Beverly) was a recurring fictional character in the popular BBC soap opera East Enders. He was played by Huggy Leaver. He appeared from 2004 to 2006 as Rosie Miller's brother.
Clint is a testbed for static source-code checking techniques. It is currently designed to check C++ for common programmer errors and suggest improvements.
Clint is a test bed for static source code checking, designed to check C++. It is designed to detect common programming errors and warn the programmer about these errors. It can warn you about errors or potential problems like header files not being protected. It is very extendible and has a Python plugin so you can write rules in Python.