Definitions for "Claude"
Keywords:  rockstar, assass, nowiki, zaibatsu, gta
Claude refers to a set of fictional characters in the Grand Theft Auto video game series by Rockstar Games. Claude Speed, the first "Claude" introduced, appears in Grand Theft Auto 2 (GTA2) as the player-controlled protagonist, prominently featured in the game's live-action film where his full name is featured in a scene.In GTA2's live action movie ( Part 2 (Quick Time, 20.6 MB. URL accessed on June 15, 2006)), Claude Speed's name appeared once on a computer screen as the Zaibatsu Corporation examined his rap sheet, attempting to identify him and order an assassination on him.
Claude Lorrain (1600-1682) was a French landscape painter.
an Information Technology Advisor for Schlumberger, a multinational services company